Tuesday, August 30, 2016

story of the week 51, anjum wasim dar and summer rain, thmbs up!

today we promote two talented story writers, who write
with love and care

anjum wasim dar

pageants of multi colored circles
continuously  mixing separating forming
eternal orbiting rainbows
like multifarious lens opening in the sky
up high,round and round they move
effulgence extreme
was the sky ever dark or blue
incredible miraculous amazing hue
Divine Power manifest unimaginable
mesmerized I gaze and try to comprehend
Love is Supreme in colors and scheme
in a flash…all was glowing -the evening sun
shone ,I saw it smile,coming closer …closer
dancing with joy, whirling twirling…fading down
I waved farewell… and heard ‘the predawn prayer’
Call Sound…

summer rain

On the wings of Time…

Many eons ago, humans and Gods lived together. It was a time of abundance and joy. Thirst or hunger were unknown and the slightest flicker of a desire was fulfilled. Into this world of bounty tiptoed Love in her chariot of flowers and myrrh, not to forget her gifts of passion and lust.  With Love visiting them, the humans and Gods were put in a state of disarray. Suddenly, desires were not crystal clear as before. Their minds were often in the throes of passion, love and lust to think  without pause. They were like leaves on waves, tossed about mercilessly. 
For the first time in history, a conference was called. Humans and Gods and animals and plants and insects and birds – they wondered how they could address this strange yet seemingly unsurmountable problem. Love was an extremely powerful force and they couldn’t stand up to her. They had never seen someone like her.
Love attended the conference in her robe of jasmine flowers and lotus leaves. She heard them speak and listened.  And then, she listened some more.  Finally,  she told them they had a choice. 
A choice?
Yes, she said , in her strong, clear voice. It can help you stay calm and yet seat me on your mantle, worshipped with incense and doused in perfume.  
Time is the choice, she continued.  You have been living a timeless existence. But just a little distance away, unknown to any of you, lies the eternal dark. A darkness that can be transcended only by me. An obscure land wherein lies the most beautiful thing in the world : death. When life can begin again.  Where we can begin, again and again. And that is my choice.
You can live timelessly without me . Or you can choose to step over into the dark, where time can heal and soothe your soul. Over this wondrous thing called Time, you can become one with me and we can flow seamlessly over time (again), beginning again and yet again. It is your chance to be as powerful  as I am. The creatures of the world were perplexed. Love spoke again, 
When you choose Time, you also choose me for but a short while. For I cannot fly but on her arms. And my charms are powerless before her magnetic, radiant smile.  
It is decided then, said everyone.  We, the creatures of the universe, choose Time. We welcome her into our world.
And that is how Time, Death and therefore Life, came to be.

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Anonymous said...

very cool.

anjum wasim dar said...

Thank you Kate .It is an honor.All Allahs blessing and the opportunity given by Bluebell Books Twitter Club Thank you all.

anjum wasim dar said...

Thank you Kate for the promotion.I saw this a few days ago