Tuesday, August 16, 2016

story of the week on shortstoryslamweek50: a poem by poetry road

poetry road via sheryl page 

a poem is written via creative imagery and unexpected sentences,
it is like fishing at Happiness Ditch,
read it,
and smile!
Thanks for sharing

Hiding from Spirits Oct31 by PoetryRoad

Anxiety stretched across a painted sky
Emotions run from screams
Shadows dance upon the graves
Behind the stones I hide
From the ancestors left behind
Mindless thoughts turned inside out
Regret fills my soul
Words never spoken cry
Pages of a book never turned
Lessons too late learned
The stone grows cold
Against my back
Darkened like the sky
Time was not the reason
Nor was the change of season
Just life in a young girl
Selfish whims and vanity
Questions chase the shadows
Regret fills the empty hole
Forgiveness seals the broken soul
The arm of death stretches
Wrapping itself around so close
The sky brings mornings light
The tears dry and I am alone
Reminded of a place called Home