Tuesday, September 13, 2016

short story slam week 52, on Asim Kumar Paul 's narattor and A. B. Thomas

Asim Kumar Paul

a brave writer, poet, who works diligently sharing poetry and stories with bluebell,

Short story slam week 52: READING

I never go out with my son
When he was child, because
Finance did not permit that situation,
King is mind, saint is not my attitude.
Now I do not go out with my grandson,
It is not that finance is not felt enough
For that scope, it is still in scarcity.
Mind has a motive, I can afford it.
I discover that my grandson is waiting for
Something new, reading, writing and playing,
His young mind can marry prized motive
That can spread life like a small butterfly,
And make acquaintance with all basics
Those can bloom with creativity for new world,
But I cannot do that, his parents think
Reading, writing, playing can flourish in curriculum.
I fear trails and tails of that young mind
May travel in barbed fence, and the world
Will see a general view of that custody,
Which preserves obedience to the king.