Tuesday, November 29, 2016

story of the week 57, firefox, michael arrington, mark surman, jim wales, larry page, and marissa mayer

firefox mozilla
mark surman build higher mountain ground
what a blast of internet thing

think of Hackathon, Tech Crunch 2013 to 2016
we rain our paws down the Valley
paying attention to yahoo, and dell company

Tony Sala, Tito Ham, Sarah Perez, Robyn Poore,
Katie Roof, Kate Conger, Henry Pickavet, Titz Tepper
they pile the world with programing and novel ideas

Chris Nesi, Catherine Shu, Anna Escher, Alex Ames,
Matt Burns, Bryce Durbin, Devin Coldewey, Mike Arrington
they gather FEATHERS to fan

Mark Suster, Jeffrey Hargrove, Danny Hargrove, Christine Hargrove,
Tyler Pager, Madeline Kelley, Gauri Rangrass, Christine Lu, Treyvon Thomas,
these people have fun with Sheng Wu, Henryetta Hillford, and Amelia Wilson

Jane Castro, Jordan Crook, Michael Arrington, Greg Kumparak,
MG Siegler, Andrew Keen, James Altucher, and Cyan Banister,
they vote for Donald Trump and Michael Pence

Steve Gillmor, Chris Dixon, Brent Bovenzi, Roman Dillet, Eliza Brooke,
Stephanie Yang, Colleen Taylor, Leena Rao, Natasha Comes, Tom Anderson,
they join Emma Cumeau supporting Eric Trump and Jared Kushner, smiling

lots of technology
we do rain praise to David Filo, Jerry Yang, Zach Bogue, and Bill Gates,

original post is from
 Mark Surman

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Image result for teach crunch san francisco      

Image result for teach crunch san francisco

Image result for michael arrington     Michael Arrington

Image result for michael arrington         
Image result for michael arrington   marissa mayer

lots of high tech souls
they sing at their nest,
promoting internet and tech crunch

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Image result for firefox


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