Tuesday, October 23, 2018

story of the week on short story slam week 100: Becky becka


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “And Later…” by Jen Bryant: shelf, look, hole, end, cardboard, tube, turn, strange, patterns, pieces, wherever, will

larry page in rain october 14, 2018  a boy named larry page

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according to Jennifer bryant
a shelf is good for tools
we used to write on a desk
never worrying about ending or beginning of life
we also turn on water tube and rain down water to flowers
we will always work on pieces of life broken and try to fix it
whereever we are
we are confident and will turn strange patterns into easy pictures
it is about put a complex number into two parts
we study the real one, and we differentiate the other one with a label
poetry comes in
when we have something good to share
larry page, a good life on search engine capacity
li yanhong, a good fellow who invents baidu.com

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 Becky becka 


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