Tuesday, January 22, 2019

story of the week on week 106: Asim Kumar Paul

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My childhood around SUBARNAREKHA
Not vivid, I forget its vastness,
Its voice of flowing water,
It was for three years, sixty years back.
Like moving waters, like disturbed banks,
Unexpected floods in rainy days, wake me
Up around beetles in clogged water, in field,
I was eager to announce I am not capped cave,
Rather I am living like images of flowing water
That gives way to possibility of survival
And existence making tracks of wellbeing,
I spend sixty years, outside of glowing SUBARNAREKHA.
Today, in search of childhood, its breath,
A painting just arrives before my eyes,
Quiet arrives with a long beautiful bridge, almost dry riverbed,
Melancholy now holds me in breath.
It is like sight of nature’s game, and also journey
On vast way of my struggle, like water current,
As if I am still listening to the song of flowing waters,
As if love lingers all in heart of my attention,
And I want to say
Love me more,
Comfort me more,
And I want to listen to the echoes of forgiveness.