Thursday, May 7, 2020

story of the week 139, mcfly

some expression appear frank and straightforward,
yet it carries emotion and poetry sense, do read mcfly  McFly 

Eye to I: Separation

Eye to I: Separation
I think I see you clearly
I think I know myself
And I can’t treat you dearly
Nearly at a point where I cry at the thought
Of ever being happy
And instead of letting them flow, these tears I have fought
Caught myself slipping saying I love you
The thought of anything else was silly when I touched you
I owe you an explanation
Of why every time we get close I search for separation
Anticipation of seeing you again gave my heart palpitations
And I didn’t know how to handle it so again, separation
When I thought of giving it a chance my brain filled with hesitation
So instead of taking that leap, I hid under separation
I met you and I was lost, nose open, had no preparation
So to keep myself safe I sniffed out separation


Anonymous said...

someone writes strong emotions,
good luck.

Eleaine Sarah Thomas Jobs Bush said...

nice work.