Sunday, March 21, 2021

short story slam week 176, may 14 ----> may 30 , 2021 .... Final Exams

 Cross Campus procession begins









school begins in january, 

school ends on may 7th,

the finals happen  during   May 3 --may 7, 2021,

on Friday, may 7th, there is a graduation commencement for graduate students

on may 8th, the big party will celebrate for undergraduate commencement  

finald grades due by noon on may 12, 2021,

where is your credits?

they are produced in your brain through computer devices

the memory is there

the school's door can be joyfully open

the learning time is priceless

we do remind people of schooling as life's growth

the golden opportunity is for all human to improve their logic

let class begin, close, and function at some proper place for good

learning is life's purpose


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Unknown said...

i do wish everyone a good school times.

Unknown said...

green earth is nice.