Saturday, May 28, 2011

Book Review 4 on Biography

The U .S. has Mr. Obama as the president now, he is the first black president in American history, it may be interesting for folks to take a look at his life...

I find this book is interesting.

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Anonymous said...

it is hard to be a president,
it is hard to win presidency,

especially when one is a minority,
it is a personal achievement when one gets to that position.

keep making history.
I do have some admiration on this man.

ZENDOM said...

In ZEN we do not look at leaders but within ourselves as the Soul is our guide...for to see anything outside ourselves becomes wishes in desires with causes and effects..but when we have our guide with us those causes and effects disappear and Now we are liberated from not being of the world but of being in the world..I do not think anyone can ever help anyone else in an objective world that Collective Consciousness has been following for many years...but to remain on the path as it is the TAO and see the positive and negative energy work in harmony always and not lean one over the other....I never look up to no one as they all put their pants on the same way as is their choice to become someone and not seek within....sorry I am blunt on this but I do not live of such world no longer as I have found the Truth within and no longer am I without...enjoy my Dearest Jingle(+)

Bluebell Books Twitter Club said...


when it comes to religion, it is controversial, you are right from your perspective.

I am not looking up to him.
This is a fact that the man has become the first black president of the U. S...I don't think anyone try to find a path in him.

Everyone has a choice of life, we RESPECT individuality, giving space to other beings for being different....

This community has black bloggers, white blggers, and brown bloggers.....

We don't finger pointing people for their differences.

It is never possible for all to agree with any particular post,

let's say:

We respect officials who do their part of work.

Thanks for the feedback.


Geoff Maritz said...

Hey Bluebell Books, thanks for the visit.
Your reply to Dom is hilarious. Religion, hmm, what can I say? As far as I can see they all say the same thing, play nice. As far as being black is concerned, your president, by African standards isn't black but coloured. Of African descent with no dilution by any other race. But hey, he's the president of America.
GOD bless you this weekend, love Geoff.