Thursday, January 5, 2012

Story of the Week 17

Hello, Stella writers at Bluebell Books:

This Week, we have winner of week 17 prompt goes to Elle.Tea.Emm, read it, there is a breakthrough in how Cinderella’s feet has gone free or barefoot instead fitting the glass shoe…Since we consider this is the second generation of Cinderella story, I love how this one develops and gives the female character FREEDOM to fly.


Read the whole story below or visit the author via the link provided, keep writing, friends! ;)

Tea in hand and bare-footed
Wash rag clothes and much too soot-ed
Simple-Rella sat and sighed
Glass slippers hanging by her side

Beautiful, but much too small
Way too thin, the heel too tall
Completely see-through and easily cracked
Comfort and sensibility is what they lacked
Everyone loved them, ‘cept Simple-Rella
The price she paid for her rich fella
She didn’t care if she looked supreme
And certainly didn’t care to be a queen

Simple-Rella looked down and wiggled her toes
It wasn’t just her feet that were free as she rose
And left the glass slippers behind
“I’d rather be me and barefoot, I find
Than pretending to be one of their kind.”


Unknown said...

lovely pick.

Elle said...

thank you sooo much!! i am so touched by this ..... it has made me smile all day :)

August said...

welcome, you deserved it.

Anonymous said...

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