Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday ~ Book Review 31

Good Morning Everyone,
    I am Abhishek Boinapalli (aka AllMyPosts) from Another Author. I am supposed to do bi-weekly fiction reviews on Bluebell Books but my scheduling went haywire. My apologies for the same and here is the review for this week.
      Guns of Navorone by Alistair MacLean needs no introduction. A fictional story that takes place within real historical context of Dodecanse Campaing. The story based on Battle of Leros about the naval artillery guns of World War II used by Italians and Germany.

    Story revolves around the Allied Commando team, comprising of prized saboteurs *read Andrea*, demolition experts *Dusty Miller*, mountaineers *Keith Mallory* and few other helpers *Casey Brown, Andrew Stevens*

    The mission of Commando Team? To destroy heavy radar-controlled guns that are keeping every Royal Navy's attempt of rescuing twelve hundred men marooned on nearby island of Kheros at bay.

When I heard the book is a classic in military fiction, I lost half my interest. I am of opinion classics aren't for this generation *the generation of Matthew Reilly,  Marcus Luttrel, .. *. When I read in a review, that the book has frequent but non-graphic violence I felt its boring.

When I started going through, much of the book made a little sense. The scene, the set-up, the extra-cautions, the extra-good-mannerisms of the characters all made very little sense. I am accustomed to reading books, where in a single man goes, blows a chopper, destroys a submarine and such.

But what is intriguing about the book is the pain these men took. The pressure under which these men were working. The total disregard to self, the horrible truth about their lives, the way they cope up with themselves, the way they respect their brothers-in-arms, the way they respect their efficient counterparts, the way they don't hesitate to kick some ass, the way the can be co-related with you , me and every other military enthusiastic.

The book kind of feels good and bad at same time. When you understand that these men are kind of invincible, can take care of anyone and everyone, can scale impossible cliffs just by sheer will defying death and injury, can't be captured by well trained efficient German patrols and such is kind of .. you know what.

Added to that the set - up is kind of alien. This is World War II. No satellites, no radio clatter, very little technology used,  .. No enlisted-men vs officers brawl, No difficulties of modus-operandi when men of different nations work together, ...

In all, the book ends on happy note. The Commando Team somehow disable the guns *better say .. blow apart half the town* and provide safe passage to the destroyers attempting to rescue the twelve hundred men stranded on Kheros.
I wouldn't suggest this book to someone who has just started enjoying the world of Military Fiction. I guess I wouldn't suggest this book to any of my friends either. Let me check what the movie says.

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli  


Li said...

I think the movie was far better than the book, which is unusual for me as I generally tend to go in the opposite direction. In fact, as far as WW2 goes I tend to read non-fiction such as Ghost Soldiers and Flags Of Our Fathers rather than fiction.

Taylor Boomer said...

lovely book review.

Anonymous said...

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