Sunday, December 10, 2017

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Most of All on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day brings to mind
the blessings in our lives
that usually go unnoticed:
a home that surrounds us
with comfort and protection;
delicious food, for pleasure
in both eating and sharing;
clothes to snuggle up in,
books and good entertainment
to expand our minds;
and freedom to worship our God.
Most of all we are thankful
for our family and friends,
those treasured people
who make our lives extra special.
You are part of that cherished group.
On Thanksgiving, (and every day)
we appreciate you.
Happy Thanksgiving!
By Joanna Fuchs


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charming face,

barack obama,
leo ku,
juji gu,
loraine chan
yongqi liang
lan yang
bruno wu
bill gates,
melinda gates
chapman allen

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