Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Review 4

This week the Bluebell books will feature writer/ blogger Karen Roderick. Karen Roderick makes her presence felt by the best thing that is gifted to her- the literary word. Author of two novels “A Love That Makes Life Drunk” and the upcoming “Hope & Jump” Karen is the new age multi-task manager who manages being a writer, a lover, and an amazing mother to her 2 boys and her 3 cats all at the same time. Nothing can describe her best than what she writes in her own words, I drink champagne when I can, and adore queen green olives. I wear ballet pumps and my hair down. I'm mostly a red, no longer blonde. I am a taper jean girl with bare feet.” She is what she writes, the beauty of the sublime and an urge for the passionate.

She loves Cornwall and thus the place is a major setting in her books. Inspired not only by her passion for food, music, clothes, travel and all but there is also a heavy influence of people, of love and life. Her novels are basically adult stuff but they arouse in the readers’ a passion for the age old romance and the chase. Here is an excerpt from her first novel which has won many accolades from readers and critics as well.
"I thought about why Lily's parents potentially detest me. It could be the fact I'm 37 and she's just 25, or that I've been sleeping with their daughter knowing she's in a relationship with my brother. I imagine it's both, topped off for good measure with the vulgarity of my novels and my occasionally arrogant and pretentious column."
-          A Love That Makes Life Drunk

And visit her personal blog The English Writer and her website Karen Roderick for more updates.

By Paulami ( Acotacion al Margen )


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

It looks like the books are well written and fun to read.

love the book covers as well.

FANTASTIC book review, P.

$unshine of the Moon said...

great review......had me wishing i had the book on hand :)

Paulami said...

thanks :)

trojanwalls said...

I looked up 'A love that makes life drunk'. This review is great and the small excerpt on the site you provided link to was funny. I guess I'm buying it. Thanks for the tip off!