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Sunday Interview Week 12

Traditional publishing is of most attractive during the past decades, yet, due to tense competitions and extensive numbers of populations who wish to get published, self-publishing has rapid growth during recent years, today, we have the opportunity to meet a supportive and  talented poet from our community to see how he has chosen to get self-published, he is a Texas resident and supports 
Thursday Poets Rally, Jingle Poetry Community, and Bluebell Books (Short Story Slam)!

Why do you decide to get published?

I had been writing Daily Encouragements and emailing them to family and friends for about one and one-half years, when I decided to publish a book of Daily Encouragements. The purpose was quite simply to honor my mother. It was she who inspired me to write encouragements, and I wanted to honor her by presenting the book to her for Christmas in Decemebr of 2010.

What kind of book you have there?

As I stated above, the book is a book of Daily Encouragements. The more familiar term is Daily Devotions, but I try to keep my writings uplifting, and hope they encourage those who read them each day. The book is called "Be Still... and know that I am God."

How long have you been writing?

I started writing right after I met my wife, Sherry, in 1996. I had always wanted to write--I'm an avid reader--but always felt I wasn't educated enough to do it. Sherry, it turns out, is very smart and when she saw what I could do with respect to poetry and spinning tales, she volunteered to be my editor. And the rest, as they say, is history. I have written hundreds of poems and short stories, and--I've lost count--approximately a dozen novels.

Do you have previous publishing experiences?

Yes. I have two novels published in the thriller genre; The Devil's Dust - 2000, and Shelter – 2001

What is the reason you choose the host of your publishing?

I chose West Bow Press to publish my book because they seemed to have the best package of publishing and promotional tools for the price. I also liked the fact that they are connected to a parent company, Thomas Nelson; one of the most prominent Christian based publishers in the world. I thought if my book was moderately successful, it would be good to be in their proximity.

What is the cost of getting everything done?

The package I used which included many promational tools and features has thus far cost me around $5000.00. However, I have invested another $3000.00 in advertising, promotional touring, and other expenses.

Which part of the book you believe most charming to readers?  ....  please pick out a paragraph to share.

Due to the type of book this is, I cannot really pick a favorite, although I can supply you with one written about my favorite Bible verse,Philippians 3:13:

August 4

Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. Philippians 3:13

had to write an encouragement to you (but more to me) using this verse. This has been “my”verse for about twenty-five years or so. I claimed it as mine back then due to a mix-up with some church-league softball shirts. The pastor of the church and I had both chosen the number three, and I told Him to keep the number for his shirt, and I would change mine. I came up with the idea to find a verse that said something about me and change the 3 to 3:whatever. After much searching through all the chapter threes in the Bible, I came to this one, and on the back of the shirt I placed Philippians above the 3, and :13 beside it. A lot of the guys followed suit—no pun intended.

The verse fit me well back then, and it still fits today. I may know more about God, I may understand God better, but I do not consider myself as having even put a dent in what there is to know and understand about Him. But one thing I do: forget what is behind and strain forward to what is ahead.

I’ve made lots of mistakes in my life—some big, some small and everything in between—but I’ve learned to let them go and move on. Some of them still linger in my mind and maybe always will, but I don’t let them get me down like I used to. I’ve found loving God is a full time job, and the pay is great. Some of those mistakes hurt me, and some hurt others; some were costly. But I learned something from most of them—I seemed to always have to learn the hard way. And as for the costly ones, Jesus paid for those. Yes, sir, He paid them all.
Thank you, Jesus.

Page 216

Do you have any hints on how to get published?

Since my books are self-published, I really can't give advice on how to get published. with self-publishing, it is simply a matter of finding a reputable firm, and a price you can afford.

Do you have a favorite author?

I have tow, actually; Stephen King and Robert McCammon. Both of them are talented beyond my comprehension. I have lots of other authors I enjoy reading though, as I read an average of a novel every couple of weeks. One or two favorites just wouldn't keep me in reading material!

What are your major inspirations?

At this time, my inspiration comes mostly from my love of God and His love for me, but I am also greatly inspired at the notion that the things I write encourage people who read them. This is true mostly with regard to my Daily Encouragements, but I believe even the poems and stories I share on my blog are at times encouraaging, comforting,, and inspirational to those who read them. Helping others in this small way, is a tremendous blessing and inspiration to me.

What’s your writing plan for the future?

I do not plan to publish anything in 2011, and have no definte plans for 2012. I would like to publish more "encouragement" books, but I am also strongly considering publishing some books of poetry, and books of short stories. A book of my memoirs might also be in the works, and another novel or two is not out of the realm of possibilities.

PS: I have answered all the questions as best I can, but if something peaks your interest and you would like more information, don't hesitate t contact me. 

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Thanks a ton for your input at Bluebell Books today, Charles, we love your work, best wishes in your future agenda.


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