Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TUESDAY ~ Book Review : 12

After I had read the last line of the novel The Deep Blue Sea For Beginners , written by Luanne Rice , I knew that I would have to read more books by this author . 

"A mother who leaves her children ..." This unthinkable , yet all-too-real scenario , which raises all sorts of questions and causes pain , disbelief , disappointment and emotional scars for the ones involved , is the focus of the novel .

This book tells the story of two sisters who have been separated from their mother for ten years due to a disturbing secret . Lyra Nicholson Davis had it all , she is an heiress and her life was planned even before she was born . However , she lives quietly among a community of expats , on the island of Capri , which is off the coast of Italy , having moved there after leaving her family behind in America ; a husband and two daughters , Pell and Lucy . The girls have been living with their maternal grandmother since the death of their father . At 16 , Pell travels to the beautiful island to reunite with her mother and find out why she left . Her goal is to bring her mother home . Pell will be heading off to college in a year or so , and her little sister needs their mother ; needs someone to take care of her . 
The story that unfolds is rife with emotion , love and tears as Pell , and later Lucy , confront their mother wanting to learn the real reason why Lyra abandoned her family . 

This is a fascinating and enjoyable read . Rice has written Pell as a young girl , wise beyond her years , with maturity and stability that seems to be lacking in her mother . She is determined that Lyra take responsibility for her actions and along the way , a relationship is born . The story teaches the meaning of devotion and we discover the power and the pull of hidden memories . It digs deep into relationships and reveals the bittersweet ties of family love and finding out that things aren't always as they appear on the surface even though you've been so sure of the truth for many years . 

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Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

I see drama in this book, sisters are like friends in many ways, the story of two sisters' separation is interesting...

what a lovely review.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Thanks for another amazing job, Mish.

Thumbs up.

MISH said...

Thanks Jingle ! Lots of family-styled lessons to be learned in this story !