Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Children's Playground Book Review Week 16-Clifford's Birthday Party

The book captures an important event in one day, Clifford's birthday party.

If you want books to entertain your kids and hook them on reading, Clifford's Birthday Party is worth picking up. 

Kids aged 2 or above would love to read it themselves by looking at the  images with simple text, The pictures are bold and inviting, they are helpful in revealing the story. This book showcases creativity and allows children to grow up being imaginative!

It is fun to watch Clifford as he opens his presents and to see how he enjoys each one. Dogs are one of the best pet for kids, this book has the quality to encourage small kids to love animals such as dogs and experiences birthday party fun without feeling stressed or tired.

Buy and enjoy.

Check out Clifford Birthday Party Here:


Unknown said...

my son always enjoyed this series ..

very grand and beautiful book for kids aged 2 or above.

Anonymous said...

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Charenn29 said...

i love Clifford. :)