Thursday, December 29, 2011

Children Playground Review: 35

Little kids need to have close bond to their parents, what better way than reading books? Especially books are fun and playful…  every day, a parent shall spend at least one hour reading to your child, spend time outdoors, and restrict television time…

This book is silly and the characters are animals, which appear more acceptable to young kids, age 1-4…

The following is the direct quote of “Blue Hat, Green Hat”  when it is reviewed by an expert::

“Although ostensibly about colors, this book is subtly about much more. Clothes are put on an elephant, a bear, a moose, and a turkey. As you can imagine, putting clothes on a turkey is a challenge. So the turkey always has the clothes on in some strange way (shirt around tail feathers but not on legs, hat on the feet, pants around head and chest, socks on front feathers, coat on beak, etc.). That is a wonderful way to teach you child the word "oops" and to associate doing something unusual with fun. What a great preparation for mistakes later in life!

All of the pictures are pretty silly, so you will engage your child's sense of the ridiculous. For example, the elephant, bear and moose are standing on their hands when wearing colored pants.
For help with learning the colors, each sequence has the colors in a different order. That makes learning a greater challenge and more interesting.

By sticking with few colors and many situations, the task of learning is made manageable for the child. Since the story is short, it also matches a child's attention span.
Overcome your misconception stall that young children are not ready for humor and book learning!


Happy New Year,

Hope that your time with your loved kids is profound one.

About the Author

Sandra Boynton is a popular American humorist, songwriter, children's author and illustrator. Boynton has written and illustrated more than forty books for both children and adults,,, Although she does not license her characters to be redrawn or adapted, she has herself designed—for various companies—calendars, wallpaper, clothing, jewelry, plush toys, and so on.

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Unknown said...

used to read aloud to my kids,

it is fun to read and enjoy innocence with little children..

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