Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meet Our Writers Week 25 on Dawn

Tell us about yourself

Hi I am an analyst, entrepreneur and a writer. Basically, I am not interested so much in what I do with my hands or words as what I do with my heart. I want to live from the inside out, not from the outside in.

There is a part of me that wants to write, a part that wants to be theorize, a part that wants to teach.....To force myself into a single role, to decide to be just one thing in life, would kill off large parts of me :-).
Tell me about your blog(s), name(s), what does it mean to you? 

I started writing diary at the age of 10 and when my work started more online and with internet diary writing took a back seat and blogging came in live. I started blogging regularly since 2004 onwards and my love for nature is what made me to give the name to the blog as fizadawn is a two name merged where in Fiza means nature in Urdu language and Dawn means my name Usha in Hindi :). Mother nature is what I love about and each day and moment its the nature that surprises me and makes me wonder about.I do have two blogs one in English and one in Hindi. 

The English blog (https://www.fizadawn.com) I used to write more of prose based on things from day to day life which touched my heart. My blogs are all on my personal experience and there is no fake stories. After coming in touch with your site, I have tried my poetry writing skill in English which I never thought I would be able to ...so thanks to you for bringing that element in me :).

I do have a Hindi blog (http://www.pratahakaal.blogspot.com) which is called Sehar - meaning Usha or morning or dawn in Urdu. I write Hindi poetry here and I feel happy to convey that I have published a Hindi Poetry book called "Khawabon Ki Zameen" (Dream of Land) which has poetry expressing about childhood, nature, youth, love and some of today's realities and changes. This book cost $9.00 in US and Canada and Rs. 84/- in India. The money collected through this book goes to the charity organization called "Dawn and Dusk" which is for HIV Orphan Kids. This is my way of giving back to the society as I believe in charity and sharing for the needy ones.

When have you started blogging?

As I said I started writing my blog since 2004

What's the theme(s) of your blog(s)? What do you write most? poetry, fiction or novel, or  short stories?

My blogs are written what comes in my heart or what touches my heart. I used to write stories and prose in English blog and poetry in my Hindi blog. Lately, (thanks to your site), I am exploring English poetry and hence thats a challenge where we are given a topic or picture and I write on the same. In all this you will see the sensitivity and emotions that touches individually. I write about nature, human feelings and my dreams which is to love one and all.
What are the inspirations of your writing?

 Mother nature, Music and People are my inspiration.

Does music impact your writing?

Music is my soul. I believe in the lyrics which is the heart and the music which is the breathing of the whole. Music can make me believe in things that people may not even think of and it always helped me in accomplishing my dreams. One example, I came to Canada with 2 bags without having any family or friends living there. When my mom asked what are you going to do in such a strange country my say was - even a small baby when thrown in the swimming pool tries to splash with his hands so I will do the same...and I feel happy and proud that I am alive and happy :). 

You are involved with Bluebell Books Short Story Slam writing challenge? How do you feel about it so far? What's the benefits of it?

Thankfully someone guided me to your site and the best part I benefited out of it is that I started writing poetry in English. Secondly, its a challenge to write something about unexpected topic or picture when you are not even thinking about it...I love that experience :). More over I get to meet many other bloggers and learn from them and make friends too.

Do you have a favorite blogging friend(s) to share? Tell us about his/her blog link and the writing in it!

Yes, I have a favorite blogging friend and I feel proud to say that I met her through blogging and her name is Rachana Bajaj and she writes in Hindi ...this is her blog: http://rachanabajaj.wordpress.com/
She is another person who writes from heart and expresses the emotions so well in words.

Do you have a favorite book or author?

My favorite book in English is Alchemist and the favorite author is Paulo Cohelo
In Hindi my favorite author is Prem Chand.

Any tips for those who started blogging and wish to become successful in it.

Write from your heart because then you never feel bored ...but if you write with some business intentions ...it dies out soon as you will run out of topics. When you write with your heart there is always something that you want to share with the world and readers understand when its from your heart. Success is something which one should not run after because when we do things from our heart ..the dedication and hard work is already in it and success runs after you :)

What's your writing plans in the near future?

Currently, I am working on my book which speaks about a real adventurous story of a girl coming from one country and settling in another.

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