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Tuesday ~ Book Review 30

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    I am Abhishek Boinapalli (aka AllMyPosts) from Another Author. I am supposed to do bi-weekly fiction reviews on Bluebell Books but my scheduling went haywire. My apologies for the same and here is the review for this week

Left Behind Apocalypse Series #1

Apocalypse Dawn by Mel Odom from the Left Behind series. Mel Odom is a full time writer with credit for many a books under his belt. Apocalypse Dawn is his first novel in this series.

Acolaypse Dawn is basically a military fiction book, regarding a war (better say hostilities) between Turky and Syria in which the 75th Ranger Regiment, UN peace keeping forces and the Turkish Military come under a surprise but anticipated brutal attack by Syrian Military.

The book feeds you a lot of action from the conflict and yet goes a lot beyond typical military book. In the heat of conflict, when the US Rangers are getting battered, nearly one third of the population of the world go missing. Suddenly dissaper, under the sky with their clothes, gear and such left behind, without any note / warning / time to say bye / ..

The world goes into frenzy and countries blame each other for the vanishings while a section of people understand that this is Rapture as described and find god in the battlefield, on the decks of USS WASP (the ship supporting the Rangers and the marines).  The Russians get ready for an all out war against America and demand that their people be returned.

Amid such choas, the world still keeps going on. The story revolves around U.S. First Sgt. Samuel Adams "Goose" Gander in the battlefeild, Chaplin Harte who tries to explain the concept of Rapture to Joint Chiefs of Staff, Corporal Baker who found god in battle-feild and does miracles, Mrs. Megan (Wife of First Sgt. Goose) who is a counseller and keeps helping the children left behind after Rapture, Captain Remington the Commanding Officer of 75th Regiment in the Turkey-Syria border

The book has all you need from stories of faith, enough of Christianity literature to raise your faith in leaps and bounds, military action, CIA, news reporters, death, struggle, doubts and Apocalypse


    I do recommend this book for one and all. Got any more books that deal with apocalypse and yet have a little of military in them? Have any wonderful books on apocalypse alone? Do let me know!!
    Do I give good reviews? Is there anything I am missing with my reviews? Do I tell a lot of story before hand? Do let me know!! Kindly join me at Another Author

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