Thursday, December 22, 2011

Story of the Week--- Short Story Slam Week 16

Thank you to everyone that participated this week in Short Story Slam, your contributions, as always, were a pleasure to read.

Join me in congratulating this week's tribute writer and recipient of the Thursday Writer's Bloc Award: Altonian, for his wonderful piece, The Kitchen-maid's Tale.  If you have not already done so, please swing by and read his delightful tale, linked here.

His witty take on this week's prompt left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling and a grin on my face!

Congratulations, Altonian!

1 comment:

Altonian said...

This was a wonderful surprise, and I take it as a Christmas present from Bluebell Books. Thank you very much indeed.
At least as far as I am concerned, it justifies my theory that sometimes just jotting down what comes into your head, then leaving it alone, unedited, works better than hours spent soul-searching for the right words. Thanks again!