Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello July!

A big hello also to  all our wonderful readers and welcome to another poetry review here at Bluebell. Of course I would be remiss not to take note of the new month that begins today and officially takes us in to the last half of the calender year.

I can’t believe it’s already you, July.
Half the year has now passed me by.                                           
A moment ago it was New Year’s Day
With fresh resolutions to pave my way.

My chagrin is rescued by wondrous July             
As gorgeous fireworks light up the sky.
This freedom that I assume is owed
Was purchased by many a bloody road.

Though air is sultry and mosquitoes bold,
I prefer you, July, to the winter’s cold.

Gregory Huyette

Huyette has been writing poetry since grade school and says "They come to me as inspirations at any time or place. I usually record them in 30 minutes or less and very few changes are made. I often have to read them myself after I have composed them to understand their significance and message.
I never sit down 'to write a poem.' The subjects are random and I never start a poem with a particular message in mind. I sincerely feel that I am a messenger and am honored and humbled to have received this priceless gift."

Gregory Huyette's Published Books:

The Greener Grass From The Other Side, A Poetic Path To Love And Happiness (Hard Cover) $25 Delivered via espress mail Contact
The Mouse and the Grouse (Children's Book in Hard Cover) about kindness & love $15 Delivered via express mail Contact

Enjoy your week and this wonderful month and I will see you back soon for another poet for your reading pleasure.

Until then, all the best to you and yours!


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