Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 26 Short Story Slam Winner: Sarah Glenwool Bush

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Hello, it’s time to pick a story for story of the week 26 winner, it is very difficult to do so, each entry has unique voice itself, everyone is a winner, so if I am allowed to pick one , then this week I have to give it to Sarah Glenwool Bush

Check out her entry here: Bush

I'm the boat in the bay,
stood out, you feel
that this suits your day,
We sail without a wheel.
I'm the tomatoes at Greenwood-wise,
I'm round and shy,
You think you see paradise,
Your love makes me cry.
We, the spades, smiles, intake
fruits behind pecan Groove,
Near Indian ocean, we make
intimate move.

To read the rest of the entry, click the link below, have fun!


Unknown said...

keep it up.

Anonymous said...

lovely choice.