Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sunday Interview on Chimnese and Her New Published Book

Why did you decide to get published? 

A friend of mine introduced me to a independent publisher’s here in South Africa that published his first book and knowing that they did a brilliant job with his publication I later on contact the editor and she asked to see a manuscript and three months later I have build a great working relation with the company and the team and I have my first debut book out now.

What kind of book do you have there? 

Its poetry and prose it’s more reflective of the inner spirit.

How long have you been writing? 

I began writing since I was twelve years old, but mostly essay type, it was in 2010 I started to take up online poetry classes and attempted to love the poetic side of myself and how it regards the soul mixed with many other genres. To me it’s been my calling to write even though I didn’t study creative literature. I took my writing serious over the last three years.

Do you have previous publishing experiences? 

I have been a part of two previous anthologies, one being, Step Into My Shoes.

What is the reason you chose the host of your publishing? 

I chose KREATIV SA because they function more in the poetry genres they have selective authors from all around South Africa and a few overseas authors.
The team that I worked with kept me included in every decision from the editing to the cover art. So I wouldn’t mine having my second book published with them.

Which part of the book do you believe to be the most charming to readers? Please include 2 or 3 poems in your book.... 

Walking in the rain 

There’s something about the rain
As it pours from the sky
 while I lift up my face to the heavens,
listening to my shoes making sounds on a tar road,
water tumbling down.
So while I’m walking
I pull from my jacket something special;
as raindrops from the opened clouds cascade down,
I speak in a passionate voice:
 “God, is this blessing your tears
wanting to wash away the pain we all carry inside?”
It’s only when the winter comes
that rain pours down cleansing my face,
 a face that needed this rain so the pain doesn't remain …
for what I pull from my jacket, is my heart, offered to God,
while slowly walking in the rain.

Wings of an angel 

You were assigned to me by our Father. I know it shouldn’t be an easy job to acquire, but you were created to see far beyond a mortal life. Forgiving, patient, never interfering without free will. Her celestial form sends out good vibrations, waves of devotional love into the universe. Water glittering like crystals as she touches it. White wings sparkling as she bends on her knees; her hands folded together, as if she is saying a prayer. She’s a missionary from the Father, helping you to find the strength in your daily life.

Muses of wandering passions 

You became imprisoned in my mind,
trapped, as I drift through stages.
We became friends,
 but something changed:
I became enthralled by you;
like a sea of hope,
 exploring the depth
where you and I becoming one in soul.
I treasured you,
 carried you close to my heart,
but you became imprisoned in my mind,
when life kept tearing us apart.
I kept reaching for my muses,
my wandering muses, floating
on clouds filled with their passions.
You absorbed my words into a lustrous
flame of explosive love that kept you
in bounds forever.

Do you have any hints on how to get published? 

All I can say is this never give up if you want to be a published author just be prepared because not every publisher is going to like your work. There is the good and the bad about being a writer the bad is we get rejected on our work, but it doesn’t mean that you aren’t good, it means what you have to offer doesn’t suit that particular publishing company.

Do you have a favourite author? 

Too many of the classics , Robert Frost, Charles Bukowski, William Shakespeare, Elizabeth Browning and a few of the newest poets is Heather Grace Stewart, Myra Lochner and Gert Diedericks

What are your major inspirations?

In this moment of my life my spiritual journey, life and all its dimensions. Children is another inspiration because I love to write for them.
I am moved by what the eyes can’t see, but what I can feel through the spiritual realm, you could say that my vision on life has changed majorly.

What’s your writing plan for the future? 

I am currently busy with my second book which would be a novel and so far I am looking at being done with the manuscript by the end of December 2012.