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Poem of the Week 30: Blizken

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Pete Seeger Said It Best I Guess

Posted on 23 October 2012 by blitzken

Pete Seeger said it best I guess,
Tiny boxes everywhere,
For you and me,
But I’m not sure even he could see,
How they’d grow exponentially,
Till everyone,
Old and wise,
Young and precocious,
Would receive some sort of diagnosis,
Too up? Too down?  Too in-between?
Confused? Can’t follow what I mean?
Too active? Thinking too diverse?
Sometimes good, but sometimes worse?
Too happy? Whoa! That’s not good!
Let’s try and make you feel like wood!
Take this pill and swallow whole,
Read the fine print,
“Social Control”
Medicine to be your savior,
From the ills of human behavior,
Which once flourished without confines,
But now does not suit our modern times,
You’ll meet the mold and be complete,
There’ll be no laughing in the street,
Fit in your box, swallow the stress,
Pete Seeger said it best I guess.


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Happy Writing and Creating.

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