Friday, December 14, 2012

A Sarcastic Guide to Beating Breast Cancer – Book Feature – Jennifer Manghisi

About A Sarcastic Guide to Beating Breast Cancer

A Sarcastic Guide to Beating Breast Cancer
Author Jennifer Manghisi was diagnosed with breast cancer at the very early age of twenty-four. Sitting in the doctor’s office listening to the diagnosis, Jennifer and her parents were shocked. Jennifer’s life had only just begun. A recent college graduate, she had only just launched her career in the fashion industry. Now, before her life had truly begun, Jennifer was faced with the prospect of losing a breast. But she was strong. Though the diagnosis was bleak, Jennifer found the strength to be grateful that the prospects were not worse. 

Death as a result of breast cancer is on the decline, and she was thankful for that. Even so, there is more to deal with when facing breast cancer than mortality, as Jennifer has since learned. In her motivational memoir, A Sarcastic Guide to Beating Breast Cancer, Jennifer Manghisi shares what she learned on her journey to survival. From coping with the diagnosis to managing chemotherapy to managing the depression and becoming healthy again, Jennifer shares important and insightful advice on becoming a breast cancer survivor that only experience can teach. 

In this inspiring true story of will, determination, and perseverance, Jennifer shares the highs and lows of her intense battle for her life. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Jennifer’s story can be a source of inspiration to you.


About Jennifer Manghisi 

Jennifer was born on June 1, 1984. She is a native New Yorker. Jennifer grew up on Long Island and graduated from Bentley University with a Bachelor of Science degree from Bentley University in Business Management. Her hobbies include; traveling, cooking, fashion, and writing. She currently resides and works in New York City.

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