Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hello fellow Bluebell readers,

Well here we are, only two weeks from wrapping up an entire year and a new fresh year is just around the corner waiting for us.

Isn't that a wonderful thought? All of it, the cold and frozen earth, dying only to be reborn as a new season, new chances, new opportunities for joy. The earth carries us along through this timeless cycle of dormancy and rebirth while we watch it through windows in warm dwellings surrounded by the friends, family, music and food of the season.

That idea of a montage, of sound bites of thoughts to express or evoke a mood using as few words as possible to do so is always so amazing to me. That is why I picked this weeks poet for us.

by  Barbara Reiher-Meyers     

Gale warning    hail warning
Sky sifts          high drifts
Finding bright   blinding white
Snowball         snowfall
Moonscape     snowscape
Frostbite            dost bite
Rococo swirls    hot cocoa curls
Icy glove          spicy love
Huddle in          cuddle in
Rock salt     clocks halt

Barbara Reiher-Meyers is a Long Island, New York poet, board member of the Long Island Poetry Collective. Her poetry has been published in print journals and on line. Barbara facilitates monthly workshops in Ronkonkoma, sends weekly Emails of local poetry events, and has edited several volumes of poetry. "Sounds Familiar" is the title of her first book of poems.

Enjoy the rest of this year and I will see all you wonderful readers and poets here soon so we can share more poetry together!


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