Sunday, January 27, 2013

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I wanted to find something that was new to me and maybe new to you also...


Each year four renowned poets select and introduce a winning manuscript for publication. Each winner receives $1000.

One of the two winners from New York was Danielle Blau, selected by D. A. Powell

Danielle Blau

Nth Sunday in Ordinary Time

For a thousand years
we’ve lived here on this hissing rock.
Once I saw ankles

lift from the shallows.
The Ambassador–Dad told me
as we watched him wade
away. Bivalves, we gurgle,
we open and close.
When I wished
for a white sheet to drape us
when we’re dead so it can rise
and fall in the breeze
from the fan, Ma
slapped me on the cheek.
When we’re gone, the hole left
will be wider than life itself–she said.
Now, instead, I pray no
righteous match
our sputtered tail to
strike, meaning
the opposite of that;
it’s an art we all learn.
When we leave there won’t
be breeze and I won’t have to miss
the whirr of the fan.
It is sad being
born to a punctured sphere
but it’s something, to hear the stars
slowly deflate at night.

Past winners can also be read here at this link:

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