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Who Was George Washington and Who is Annapolis Montuwa?

by richard e whitelock on February 6, 2015
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This book is just right for kids in the 1st grade through 5th or 6th. At this age, they haven't heard much about the Revolution or our Founding Fathers, so George is a great book to start with. There are lots of drawings and the reading is easy. The story is even better and books of this reading level will get the facts straight and at the same time encourage our kids to read on. Nice job, I would buy the entire series and read them to my kids at night, at least as often as I read Harry Potter to them.

I like reading about how America looked back in the day and exactly how folks spent their time. Washington and his early days were spent as a privileged citizen. He became a very good horseman and was well respected. His early years as a military leader for the colony were not great. But he did show signs as a leader if not an expert military tactician. He was victorious 3 out of 9 major confrontations with the British. So his war record was not exactly good except for one major accomplishments- he outlasted the British and accepted their surrender at Yorktown. My 1st and 2nd graders were very disappointed that he didn't cut down the cherry tree, so I now leave that out of my presentations. The main thing they gain from this book is that America was all but "one and done" when it came to waging war and gaining their independence. But through trust and outstanding leadership, not only did Washington end the war victoriously, but he was elected our first president. And had he not attended the writing of our constitution and led the representatives, I doubt seriously that the 13 colonies, now states would have ever agreed to become the United States of America back in 1787.

Washington was our leader. The people trusted him and followed his lead through many harrowing experiences.
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By carla kuester on March 31, 2014
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So fun and simple to read with a fledgling General...would recommend for all who love a true American Hero...especially those who want to impart their love for GW on the kiddos.
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By Jennifer on March 17, 2014
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I bought these for my third grade classroom. They are great for the biography genre and then to use for report writing. The three years I've used them so far the kids LOVED them. Easy for their reading levels, informative, and people they have heard of in their lives. They would read their own and then read other that they had heard of. Could have left these books out 1/2 year and they would have still been reading them. 

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Who was George Washington
Who is Annapolis Montuwa


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