Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Review: 2

Writing is an expression of our beliefs and at times a reflection of what we are and what we want from life. For writer Victoria, it is the exploration of the intimate and the sublime feelings of being, of the spirituality of life. She is the author of two amazing novels,” Winter is Past” and “The Sin of His Father”, in which she deals with the themes of family affairs, the secrets, addiction and as she puts it, the personal triumphs. In this second edition of Bluebell Books’ Review we are featuring blogger/writer Victoria.
Though the books are not autobiographical but they do reflect a part of the writer through the beautiful prosaic language that relates not only the tales of one fictional family of character, but of the man or woman, universal in all of us, of their failures, the austerity with which they face life, or the situations through which they survive and finally triumph over. Inspired not only by people but also the situations that life dealt with her, Victoria creates a realistic world in her novels.
Here is an excerpt from her novel “Winter is Past”
Chapter One  
Fear has enveloped me like a subtle fragrance for as long as I can remember.Not the Stephen King kind of horror such as a corpse come back to place a moldy hand upon your shoulder nor the wrenching terror you feel when a roller coaster crests to the summit before plunging off a precipice. This fear doesn’t resemble a back-alley encounter with a rapist or the devastation of those who witnessed the tragedies of 9/11.No, the fear I know is subtle and pervasive. It’s more like a slow tug—the loss of control that takes over when you’ve been caught in the arms of a riptide—or like the blindness that surrounds your car when you creep your way through a heavy downpour, alone on a deserted stretch of highway. It’s the growing sense of futility that unfolds in the pages of the daily news or that’s spewed at us by talking heads and spin doctors.I’ve never suffered the illusion that I’m in control of this unpleasant companion who’s been with me from childhood. And it’s only in the past year that I’ve accorded it a name.That’s how long it’s been since the process of healing began. I can recall it as though it happened yesterday.
Victoria’s writing space is not only restricted to the fictional sphere. She indulges in poetry and non fictional articles as well. To know more about her and her writing you can visit her blog http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/

Posted by Paulami. You can visit my blog http://ifdreamswerefireflies.blogspot.com/


Jingle said...

awesome book review,

Thrilled to see Victoria's work showcased here.

Victoria said...

Wow, thanks so much for featuring this. I found it trying to access the Short Story Slam but couldn't seem to get info on it. Congrats, all, on a wonderful contribution to our writing communities.

Paulami said...

I love your themes, they are so life like Victoria.. could not but feature you here :)

trojanwalls said...

The extract you posted is at once tantalising and powerful. This definitely a book I would like to read!

Paulami said...

all credits to Victoria!!

Anonymous said...

how can a novel be featured here? is it necessarily a hard bound copy or online books are allowed?